OWAS Method

OWAS (Ovako Working Analysis System).


OWAS method was developed in 1977 by a group of experts in ergonomics, engineers and workers from the steel area in Finland.


It globally evaluates all the postures adopted during the performance of a task. It is based on a systematic classification of work postures and an observation of the different postures adopted by the worker during the development of the task at regular intervals.


The postures observed can be classified into 252 possible combinations according to the worker’s back, arms and legs. A posture code is assigned to each posture, based on which a risk evaluation is obtained. A Risk Category is assigned to each one of the postures, individually.


Once an analysis has been performed for each posture, individually as well as globally, the most critical postures will be identified, as well as the corrective actions that are necessary to improve the workstation. The aim is to boost the workers’ capabilities and health.


Use it to assess ergonomic risk factors in your work environment

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