To carry out the Ergonomics evaluation we can take into account these 14 points that will prevent us from making some mistakes.

  1. Make a list of positions to be evaluated and identify before collecting the data with which methodology you will evaluate it. Doing this during data collection is cumbersome and time consuming.

  2. Write down each evaluated position in a check list (the same as the previous one), it seems that not, but sometimes, when you have done 15 or 20 all are similar. Much better if the check list is on the mobile, one less paper.

  3. Without a video camera, the attention must be greater and you do not have a second chance. Use your mobile camera.

  4. Take enough memory and battery mobile to be able to record what you need.

5. If you have doubts during the data collection, do not worry, record everything and you will study it on your desktop.

6. When you record, try to describe the job. If not, a week you may forget it and you may fail to identify the position.

7. It is better to make one long recording than several short ones. If you make a mistake, keep recording. The problem is that with several recordings the identification of the good one is more difficult.

8. Don’t look for the perfect methodology, it does not exist. Each one has its limitations and will not adapt to all the conditions of the task, use the most widespread according to the risk factor.

9. The methods are tools to obtain information with which to improve the working conditions of the job. A simple result does not tell us anything, so do not waste time deciding if the evaluation is a 7 or a 6, you will review it.

10 .Include a photo of each job in the report. It looks much more.

11. Make a risk map for the company. It is a simple table with positions on one side and risks on the other, inside the level of risk with colors.

12 .Even if you have authorization from the company, request permission from the workers before recording or taking photos. Some of them don’t like to be recorded, but if you ask, they don’t usually put problems.

13. Take your own PPE (personal protection equipment) to the data collection for comfort and hygiene.


Use a management software or excel to apply the methodologies as it will help you save days of work, something that is a good return on investment.
For example, with ErgoSoft you will save 50% of the time since you have the data and obtain the results report. Its cost is really low with the annual subscription.